Wishlist for desktop SQL query client

Say what you will about Microsoft SQL Server Management studio, but the query interface was actually pretty good. Now that I’m using PostgreSQL and MySQL I’m finding myself looking for desktop tools for querying. Nothing more than that, just simple CRUD operations for one-off data imports, querying, figuring stuff out.

It’s been staggeringly difficult to find a desktop client that can do this well. If I were to create one, which I may if my struggle continues, this would be my wishlist. Some of these seem obvious but I’ve found clients lacking one or more of these.

  • Keyboard shortcut to running SQL
  • Run only the selected query text
  • Block commenting and un-commenting
  • Sortable results grid
  • Copying and saving results
  • Editor tabs
  • Indicate trailing whitespace on string columns
  • Make null and empty string values obvious
  • Clearly indicate errors and recordcounts after query execution
  • Shortcut to get schema, keys, and indexes on a table in your query