Nintendo 64 Modernisation

Nintendo 64 Modernisation

For the 5th generation of consoles, our mum surprised us for Christmas. I still remember the feeling of shock and amazement as we unwrapped something we couldn’t have even asked for: a Sony PlayStation. What an amazing console! We had such a blast playing that. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Warhawk, Metal Gear Solid, and dozens more. Having a PlayStation meant that there was one downside, if you can even call it that: I didn’t experience Nintendo 64 in its heyday.

Dream PC: Dell Dimension XPS T450 - 1999 Glory (Part 1)

Dell XPS T-Series Advert

Recently I’ve been having a lot of 90s nostalgia, especially related to technology. I fully blame YouTube channels like LGR, 8-Bit Guy, Phil’s Computer Lab, Adrian Black, and a dozen others I’ve spent countless hours watching. Plus it’s part of getting older; you romanticise the past.

I started thinking about what hardware from the past I felt the most affinity towards. It took me no time at all: I wanted a Dell Dimension XPS from the 90s. This is my history with Dell.